Chocolate Liqueur (smooth rich dark chocolate gelato)
Amaretto Almond (amaretto gelato, toasted almonds)
Vanilla Bean (premium vanilla, vanilla bean)
Cappuccino Chip (coffee gelato, semi-sweet chocolate chips)
Oreogasmic (vanilla gelato, oreo pieces)
Menta Chip (mint gelato, semi-sweet chocolate chips)
Espresso (espresso gelato, fresh ground espresso)
Strawberries & Cream (strawberry gelato, strawberries)
Snickelicious (a light chocolate base with crushed snickers bars)

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(pistachio gelato, roasted pistachios)
(spumoni gelato, toasted walnuts, candied fruit)
(hazelnut butter, toasted hazelnuts)
(hazelnut butter, biscotti pieces)
(chocolate gelato, hazelnut butter)
(espresso gelato, ground espresso, various nuts & chocolate pieces)
(cocoa, chocolate, cinnamon, ground espresso & chocolate chunks)
(assorted toasted nuts, chocolate chunks, toffee and/or coconut)
(coffee gelato, heath candy pieces, roasted cashews)
(bananas sautéed in butter, rum and brown sugar)
(chocolate base, toasted coconut, mini chips, tequila and grand marnier)
(100% pure maple syrup, toasted walnuts)
Almond Chocolate Chunk
(dark chocolate gelato, various nuts and/or toffee, chocolate chunks)
(mint gelato, oreo pieces)
  (dark chocolate base, oreo pieces)
(chocolate chip cookie dough)
(pumpkin gelato, spices)
(vanilla gelato, fudge cake pieces)

Sorbetto…Light and Fruity – Less than 2% Cream


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