Our Story


Established 1980

Before gelato and espresso became mainstream, a quaint cafe opened in Los Gatos, California. Dolce Spazio, pronounced dole-chay-spot-zeeo, opened for business in October 1980. Each day we made small batches of rich, dense, Italian ice cream, served fresh espresso from a local roaster, and included a selection of locally baked cookies, biscotti, and buttery cakes that satisfied even the most insatiable sweet tooth.


A "Sweet Space"

As word of this "sweet space" spilled throughout the town and into neighboring cities, people began lining up to experience their first taste of gelato and espresso. Our tables and benches began filling up with studying college students and young families alike. In order to keep up with the demand for our gelato, we moved our production equipment to a larger facility in Campbell where we continue to produce thousands of gallons each year.


Our Family Tradition

Within the walls of Dolce Spazio, there have been many first dates, wedding proposals, and even the occasional break up. We are proud to be serving our third generation of customers, and honored to have become a family tradition for so many. We hear it said often that "this place hasn't changed since I was a kid" — we'll take that as a compliment! 

We hope you enjoy our sweet space... our Dolce Spazio!